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Switzerland to Reopen Kyiv Embassy in Days

Thu 19 May 2022 | 06:12 PM
Omnia Ahmed

Switzerland is reopening its embassy in Kyiv after it was temporarily closed two and a half months ago, the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) announced on Monday.

Five staff members, including the ambassador, are set to return to the Ukrainian capital over the next few days, to work in the embassy.

Earlier this month, Greece reopened its embassy in Kyiv after it was forced to shut it down amid the Russian invasion.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias made the announcement, noting that Manolis Androulakis, the last remaining Western diplomat left in the city of Mariupol, will head the mission.

“Mariupol will be added to the lists of international cities that have been destroyed, such as Guernica, Stalingrad, and Grozny,” Androulakis said just after arriving in Athens.

“Every day the situation was becoming worse. The city was encircled and the battles were closing in. Civilians were hit. The civilian infrastructure was hit. A hospital was hit, a library, and a university. When I say they were hit, I mean nothing was left standing,” Androulakis added.