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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Sweden: Mosque Destroyed in Suspected Arson Attack

Tue 26 Sep 2023 | 11:10 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

A mosque located in Eskilstuna's Arby district, south-eastern Sweden, was obliterated by a fierce fire, which is predominantly believed to be a calculated act of arson. 

This harrowing event has accentuated the escalating apprehensions regarding the protection of religious establishments in Sweden.

Anas Deneche, the Communication Director for the mosque, asserted the intentional nature of the fire while speaking to a public broadcasting service, emphasizing that it's perceived as a targeted attack. 

The police's archives echo these concerns, documenting previous threats and assaults directed at the mosque.

The magnitude of the fire has rendered the mosque inoperative, with the main structure experiencing significant devastation.

A silver lining amidst this tragedy was the absence of casualties, as the mosque was vacant when the flames surged.

Sweden's escalating instances of anti-Muslim incidents have become a focal point of distress. 

With over 600,000 Muslims residing in Sweden, episodes like the public desecration of the Quran have sparked indignation across the Islamic community. 

Such actions have prompted international responses, with nations like Morocco formally protesting by reaching out to Swedish representatives.

On a global scale, this surge in religious intolerance has seized the attention of institutions like the United Nations, which passed a decree denouncing violence against religious texts as breaches of global law. 

The calamity in Eskilstuna underscores the imperative need to challenge hate-induced crimes and champion interfaith harmony and mutual respect.