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Fashion Designer Shahy Essam Drops SS 24 Hat Collection

Fri 10 May 2024 | 11:56 PM
New collection by Shahy Essam
New collection by Shahy Essam
Pasant Elzaitony

In the spring and summer seasons, most people head to resorts and parks to enjoy the beauty of nature, the flowers, and the areas of the sea.

Women search for elegance for any occasion, and the hat is the best choice to go outdoors not only for elegance but also for protection from the strong sun rays.

Shahy EssamShahy Essam

Young fashion designer Shahy Essam dropped a distinguished spring/summer 2024 collection of headwear suitable for different parts of the day and characterized by diversity and exquisite details.

*Diversity of shapes

The collection featured a variety of sizes and designs for the hat that each girl could find that suited her and her personality. It also used colors that suited all needs, such as beige, havan, brown, and black.

*Tiny details

The designer relied on many fine details for each hat, relying on assembling a group of different embroidery units.

Essam lives in the coastal city of Suez, studied fashion design, loved everything handmade, and therefore relied on handmade for the headwear.

*Ocean inspiration

The collection was inspired by the sandy beaches surrounding the designer and marine seabed elements such as starfish, sea snails, pearls, and shells.

She decorated the hats with these units after ornamenting them with attractive artistic shapes that added to the headpiece.

The sea shell pearls were also elegantly featured in the collection.

*Summer colors

The designer has dynamism and a love for life, evident in her designs and colors.

In the collection, she used embroidery units in exquisite summer colors to decorate the hats.

Essam also presented stripes in attractive summer colors as well as sequins in cheerful colors to create a state of elegance for the headwear.

The designer was able to make the hats an addition to elegance for every girl, not merely present a piece that protects her from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Contributed by Yara Sameh