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Spain's Princess Leonor Starts Duty as Future Queen after Swearing-In Ceremony

Thu 09 Nov 2023 | 06:07 PM
Rana Atef

On Tuesday, Princess Leonor of Spain swore allegiance to Spain's Constitution after turning 18, initiating her work as a future queen.

The ceremony was televised and it took place in the lower house of parliament.

During the ceremony, Leonor de Borbón Ortiz recited the oath that her father did when he turned 18 in 1986. 

The Crown Princess pledged “to faithfully carry out my duties, to keep and uphold the Constitution and the laws and respect the rights of citizens and the autonomous communities and loyalty to the king.”

The ceremony was one of the necessary steps for officially taking her duties as a crown princess and a future queen. 

Leonor was named as a crown princess when Felipe VI was proclaimed king on June 19, 2014. 

The Princess said in a short speech at the Royal Palace: “From here forward, my duty is to all Spaniards, who I will serve in each moment with respect and loyalty,” adding: “I ask you to place your trust in me, just as I have all my confidence placed in the future of our nation."