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San Francisco City Police Run Robots Capable of Killing

Fri 02 Dec 2022 | 10:26 PM
Ahmed Moamar

San Francisco authorities intend to allow their police to use robots capable of killing, in a controversial decision defended by the US city's police, saying that it is the "last resort" before them.

The San Francisco Municipal Council earlier supported the adoption of the resolution, which received eight votes in favor and three against, according to "Agence France Presse".

The proposal provides for the police to use robots capable of killing in some very emergency situations, such as terrorist attacks or mass killings, which are very common incidents in the United States.

While the decision raises great controversy, it is supposed to be finally adopted at an upcoming meeting of the Municipal Council on the sixth of December, according to the New York Times.

Opponents of the decision fear that its implementation will lead to an increase in police violence.

"Using robots in situations where crime is likely to occur is an option of last resort," San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said in a statement.