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Social Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

Tue 30 Apr 2024 | 06:08 PM
Pasant Elzaitony

People face many occasions in life. Not all occasions are to engagement parties, weddings, and birthdays, other situations heed some guidance, whether in behavior or style.

*Visiting patients

Visiting a patient, whether in the hospital or at home, has certain standards, beginning with choosing the visiting hour and finishing with what to wear.

Manners: If the patient is in the hospital, the visitors check with the relevant hospital for information about when to visit and must adhere to them before heading to visit.

At home, it is preferable to schedule an appointment after sunset, and should not be delayed after nine. It is preferable to ask the patient's family about the appropriate time and day for the visit, and should not come as a surprise to the family.

Fashion etiquette: it is advised to wear light and calm colors as well as avoid gloomy colors like black and dark grey or bright colors such as red and fuchsia.

As for make-up, it should be natural and earthy tones that conceal imperfections. Avoid red, brown, and pink lipstick.


One of the occasions that people also attend is offering condolences for the loss of a dear person, and some principles must be taken into account.

Manners: the condolences can be held at home if the family of the deceased did not announce the date and place of the consultation marquee, however, if the timing is not suitable for you, call or send a message to express your deepest emotions.

You should not visit them at home unannounced as they may be outdoors finishing the death procedures, papers, etc.

When attending the funeral, whether the home or in the hall, you must be calm and not look at the phone or scroll social media.

It is better to attend for 10 minutes with commitment than attending for an hour filled with chatter and flipping on the mobile phone.

Fashion etiquette: many countries agree that black is the color of condolence, and some go with brown or dark navy blue. The essential thing is for colors not to be flashy or exaggerated.

Mourning clothes should also avoid a black blouse or bag with a gold or silver bracelet or embroidery as these are all incompatible with the solemn situation.

Likewise, make-up should merely conceal imperfections and not beautify. It is also recommended to wear as little jewelry as possible and avoid accessories completely.

Contributed by: Yara Sameh