Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Six Years of President Sisi Era, Op-ed

Sun 07 Jun 2020 | 10:45 AM
Elham Abuelfateh

“I swear by Almighty God to uphold the Republican system, to respect the Constitution and the law, to fully safeguard the interests of the people and to protect the nation’s independence, unity, and territorial integrity.”

I still remember the moments of longing for a real president after three years since January 25, 2011, when no president swore the oath before the Parliament, the last of these three years  was a black year. Now, I am recalling the six years since President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi took this oath. I am surprised,  I compare and wonder: Where was Egypt and how it became now?

I remember his first important decisions after the decision to accept the mandate of the people to run for the presidency, it was a gift to humanity called the New Suez Canal, then the project of the six tunnels below the canal, this project returned Sinai to Egypt geographically as it became a piece connected to the homeland without a water barrier.

The war on terrorism was not limited to military confrontation only, but the conscious, and  the wise leader took another path that these terrorists did not expect, his decision was developing Sinai at all levels, whether the agricultural or the industrial, and providing a fertile environment to make Sinai a logistic center and an Egyptian locomotive for development, in addition to  17 new cities extending from north to south, and from east to west in new Luxor, new Bani Mazar and new Nagaa Hammadi.

An integrated network of national roads was launched, implemented and still being implemented by the state, from and to these cities. Since the president assumed the presidency of the Republic, he put the development and construction of roads among the priorities of the state, while Egypt's global ranking in the road quality index according to global competitiveness has progressed, as it jumped 90 places, reaching 28th, compared to 118th in 2014.

It was not serendipity that the slogan of the ٍSisi’s first youth conference  was entitled “Create .. Go!” As if he was talking about the constitution of a great state that realizes its most important treasures and the goal of all development projects; it is the youth to whom Sisi listens and provides them with the opportunity for direct meetings.

It is a journey that lasted for several years from the first national conference in October 2016 until the eighth conference held in the presence of the president last September.

6 years of the era of President Sisi, transformed slums from places of evils and extremist ideology in the heart of the capital and cities into civilized centers. But the most prominent achievements of this man was the health initiatives, such as 100 Million Healthy Lives initiative.

More than two years ago and before the Corona virus invades the countries of the world and strikes the most powerful health systems in China, Europe and the United States. It was as if the Divine Providence inspired the president to prioritize the health of Egyptians amid war on terrorism and the development projects.

Egypt started allocating EGP 100 billion to combat the pandemic with a package of medical care measures that were at the heart of what Egypt started two years ago, including the comprehensive health insurance project and the integrated model hospitals at the highest level according to international standards.

The Egyptian state was able to deal with this pandemic by allocating the new hospitals for the health isolation of those infected with the virus.

Years full of accomplishments with prior strategic planning that helped the state to preserve the bridges of development that have been long sought by the political leadership.