Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Sisi Affirms Egypt’s Full Support for Strengthening Joint Arab Parliamentary Work

Sat 27 Apr 2024 | 03:54 PM

On Saturday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi affirmed Egypt's full support for enhancing joint Arab parliamentary efforts during a reception for the heads of Arab parliaments and councils.

These leaders were in Cairo to participate in the sixth session of the Arab Parliament. The session was attended by prominent figures such as Sheikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister of Bahrain, and Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Asoumi, President of the Arab Parliament. Representing Egypt was Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

During the meeting, the leaders commended President El-Sisi following his recent constitutional oath for a new term, reflecting their confidence in his leadership and the ongoing developmental trajectory he has set for Egypt.

President El-Sisi welcomed his fellow Arab dignitaries and highlighted the significant responsibility that Arab councils and parliaments hold in advancing Arab integration. He emphasized their role in achieving the aspirations of their peoples for security, development, and stability. He also noted the critical importance of parliamentary diplomacy in defending just Arab causes at various regional and international forums and before the global public opinion.

In this context, President El-Sisi praised the current session of the Arab Parliament for discussing key issues, notably artificial intelligence, ensuring the Arab legislative agenda keeps pace with modern challenges. He reiterated Egypt's full commitment to supporting joint parliamentary action at all levels, a stance warmly received by the attendees who appreciated Egypt’s leadership in fostering collaborative parliamentary efforts.

The spokesperson for the Egyptian Presidency further noted that the meeting covered current regional situations and challenges that necessitate unified Arab stances and collective action to confront regional crises. This includes supporting the national state framework and institutions to ensure security, stability, and development for Arab peoples.

The developments in the Palestinian territories were also discussed, with Arab parliamentary heads acknowledging Egypt's pivotal role in supporting the Palestinian people and championing their cause. They expressed profound appreciation for Egypt’s historical stance against the displacement of Palestinians and highlighted Egypt’s leadership in managing humanitarian aid efforts in Gaza, despite significant obstacles.

President El-Sisi outlined Egypt's efforts to calm the situation in Gaza and protect the area from further conflict escalation. He stressed that a high priority is placed on stopping the bloodshed through intensive work with various international and regional parties to achieve a ceasefire and facilitate prisoner exchanges. He also confirmed ongoing efforts to ensure sufficient humanitarian aid reaches Gaza to alleviate the severe humanitarian crisis, continuing Egypt's comprehensive efforts to support the Palestinian people's rights, including their right to an independent state based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

This assembly marks a critical point in Arab relations, showcasing Egypt's unwavering commitment to enhancing cooperative Arab parliamentary endeavors and highlighting the broader impacts of these efforts on regional stability and development.