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Shark Devours Russian Tourist in Egypt's Hurghada

Fri 09 Jun 2023 | 04:24 AM
Taarek Refaat

A Russian tourist was killed, Thursday, in a shark attack in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada.

A report was received by the Health Directorate in in the Red Sea Governorate, stating that a 24-year-old Russian tourist was attacked by a shark during a trip in Hurghada, while two others were injured in the accident.

It turned out, according to a circulating video, that the shark attacked a tourist group and devoured the Russian tourist, after he attacking him as he tried to escape the deadly attack.

Lifeguards shouted "shark shark", which alerted several other swimmers who managed to escape, but the victim did not have much to leave the sea, and one of the crew members did not succeed in rescuing him, although he was in a rescue boat quickly near the scene of the attack.

Ahmed Salem, Head of the Nature Conservation Sector at the Ministry of Environment, commented on a shark attack in Hurghada, saying that 'most shark attacks on humans on Egyptian beaches are relative accidents'.

Salem said, during televised statements, on Thursday evening, that the shark that attacked the tourist was a tiger shark, a female, and was looking for a suitable place to lay her embryos.

He pointed out that we have 9 types of sharks in the Red Sea, and the tiger shark is considered the second most dangerous type of shark attacking humans in the world.

He added that the ministry is currently conducting research to understand the behavior of sharks by analyzing data and knowing the depths and paths of those fish to avoid such incidents. "We are implementing a program in front of the beaches of 3 coastal cities, and monitoring devices will be installed to track the behavior of sharks in the Red Sea."

Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, issued instructions to quickly form a committee of specialists in the Red Sea, as soon as it received a report of a shark attack on a beachgoer in Hurghada, to go to the report site in order to verify the circumstances of the accident.

The examination work also ended with the Red Sea Reserves men confirming that there had been an attack by a tiger shark on one of the beachgoers, which led to his death.

Several other reports, showed the ministry succeded in capturing the shark, and