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Several Arab, Western Countries Decide to Close Embassies in Kabul

Sun 05 Feb 2023 | 07:50 PM
Israa Farhan

Several Arab and Western countries have decided to close their diplomatic missions in the Afghan capital, Kabul, according to Al Arabiya TV channel on Sunday.

According to its sources, the decision was motivated by "security threats". But it did not mention the countries that decided to suspend the work of their embassies.

Earlier, the Hasht-e Subh newspaper reported, citing independent sources, that the Saudi embassy staff had left Afghanistan.

The move may have been prompted either by the Taliban (an extremist movement banned in Russia, which seized power in Afghanistan) banning women working at the embassy from doing their jobs, or by security considerations.

No official comments from Saudi Arabia have followed yet.

Previously, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry denied media reports about the evacuation of its diplomats from Afghanistan.

No official comments from Saudi Arabia have followed as of yet.