Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Senate Report Recommends Development of Crop Varieties That Tolerate High Temperatures, Salinity Drought to Face Climate Change

Thu 10 Nov 2022 | 10:55 AM
Ahmed Moamar

A Senate report monitored the dangers of climate change in Egypt.

The report suggested many measures to confront, most notably the development of crop varieties that tolerate high temperatures, salinity, and drought, and increasing investments directed to water management and storage.

A Senate report prepared by the Energy and Environment Committee indicated that agriculture is affected by the expected climatic changes in some points, namely the expected increase in temperature and the change in its seasonal pattern to the decrease in agricultural productivity of some crops and cultivated animals, as well as changes in the agro-environmental ranges.

Climate change leaves negative effects on marginal agricultural areas, such as an increase in desertification rates and an increase in temperatures, which will lead to an increase in evaporation, an increase in water consumption, and the occurrence of social and economic effects such as labor migration from marginal and coastal areas.