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Secretary-General of Zahi Hawass Foundation for Antiquities Hostess Suhoor Party

Thu 04 Apr 2024 | 03:07 PM
Ali abo dashish

Dr. Tarek El-Gendy, the well-known Egyptian businessman and Secretary-General of the Zahi Hawass Foundation for Antiquities and Heritage, and his wife hosted a suhoor party at a Cairo hotel in honor of the newly appointed Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Mohamed Ismail.

The event was attended by many distinguished guests including ministers, ambassadors, and prominent figures and celebrities.

Among the attendees were Ahmed Issa, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation; Dr. Zahi Hawass, the renowned Egyptian archaeologist; Dr. Mostafa El-Feki, the veteran politician; Amr Moussa, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Karam Gabr, Head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, Ahmed Ghonim, head of NEMC and from Zahi Hawas foundation for Antiquitues Tarek Elgindy and his spouse.

During the event, Issa, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, delivered a speech to the guests and congratulated Ismail on his new post at the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

The event also saw some of the biggest names in the Egyptian entertainment industry in attendance, including the likes of Hussein Fahmy, Sawsan Badr, Elham Shaheen, Iyad Nassar, Hani Ramzy, Mohamed Jumaa, and Ahmed Tahamy. Journalists Khairy Ramadan and Osama Kamal were also present.

Other guests included Prince Muhammad Ali, son of King Ahmed Fouad II, and his wife; Turkish movie star Ali Burak; prominent businessmen like Basil Sammakia, Mr. Kamel Abu Ali, Talaat Al-Suwaidi, Turkish businessman Imad Alyan, Farouk Kalkafan, Mrs. Rawya Mansour, Mrs. Hasna Rashid Michael Hue Williams, one of the most well known gallerists.

Notable ambassadors from the US, Italy, Britain, Qatar, the European Union, Turkey, Ireland, Cyprus, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Greece were also in attendance.

Contributed by Ahmed Emam