Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Scenario of Muslim Brotherhood TV Anchors' Movements During Coming Period

Sun 18 Apr 2021 | 12:17 AM
Ahmad El-Assasy

The Journalists Youth Front revealed the details and secrets of the movements of the leaders and broadcasters of the fugitive Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Journalists Youth Front, the scenario of the movements of TV anchors in the channels of El Sharq, Mekameleen and Watan, members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization during the coming period, goes in two directions, the first is led by Ayman Nour and the second is led by Hamza Zawba.

Ayman Nour made phone calls with Ibrahim Munir, deputy guide of the terrorist group and the acting Secretary General who escaped to Britain with his wife Doaa Hassan. During the call, Nour Munir that the terrorist Moataz Matar to present his program on Al-Hiwar channel run by Azzam Al-Tamimi and to provide work opportunities for some program presenters at El Sharq channel.

Munir assured Nour that there is a great deal of thinking about launching Al-Hiwar 2, which is broadcast from London to absorb the escapees from the Brotherhood’s channels, including broadcasters, preparers and directors.

The second scenario is led by the terrorist Hamza Zawba, in coordination with Abdul-Rahman Abu-dayyeh, the first responsible for financing the Muslim Brotherhood media. He is a Palestinian businessman who is one of the Brotherhood’s leaders and manages many major investments in London.

Azzam Tamimi, Chairman of the board of directors of Al-Hiwar TV, is his Yemeni arm and one of his closest associates. Zawba seeks to include some employees of Mekameleen channel in Al-Hiwar channel through Abu-dayyeh due to the existence of major differences between Zawba and Ibrahim Munir after his attack on him in his program “With Zawba”

Abu-dayyeh opened a new line of communication between Zawba and the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood leader Salem al-Sheikhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of a channel called "Qaf" that broadcasts from London. Abu-dayyeh asked him also to include members of the program presenters affiliated with the terrorist Brotherhood for this channel that adopts the ideas of the subversive Brotherhood, led by the terrorist Mohamed Nasser, Ahmed Atwan and their companions in treason and the sale of homelands.