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Saqqara Pictures “Pharaonic Costume Girl” Released on Bail

Tue 01 Dec 2020 | 11:58 PM
Sara Goda

According to the Egyptian media outlets, the public prosecution ordered today, Tuesday, December 1st model Salama El Shimy also known as the Saqqara “Pharaonic Costume Girl” to be released on bail.

The model and her photographer paid 1000 Egyptian pounds each for bail after being charged with taking unpermitted pictures in the Saqqara antiquities area. The model’s pictures were circulated in different social media platforms and raised a lot of controversy especially since they were considered “inappropriate”.

According to an inside source, both El Shimy and her photographer entered the Saqqara area with three regular tickets and no pictures permit. Also, El Shimy wore a black Abaya with Cleopatra’s costume underneath before her 15 minutes photoshoot.

El Shimy announced during the investigations that she was not aware of the need for the pictures permit and that she entered the antiquities area in a normal legal way. The model and her photographer were arrested yesterday, Monday, November 30th for taking un-permitted pictures in the Saqqara antiquities area.

Mostafa El Waziry, the Supreme Council of Antiquities Secretary General, announced that it is necessary that the authorities know all of the photoshoot’s details including the location and costumes when a person applies for a pictures permit. This is done in order to respect the historic area and not disrespect it with “inappropriate” costumes.