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‘Sadah El Balad’ Congratulates Abul-Enein

Thu 06 Dec 2018 | 11:41 AM

By: Ali Abu-Dashish

CAIRO, Dec. 6 (SEE)- Sada El Balad talk show broadcasted on Sada ElBalad satellite channel congratulated on Thursday prominent businessman Mohamed Abul-Enein as the Arab Economic Unity council chose, on Wednesday, Abul Enein to be the head of the Advisory Board of the Council's Sages.

TV Presenter Ahmed Magdy said that Abul-Enein deserves this position due to his continuous effort، work and follow-up of issues that concern the homeland.

Mohammed Mohammed Al-Rabee، Secretary General of the Council، said that Abul-Enein was chosen to succeed Dr. Essam Sharaf, the former Prime Minister, due to Abul Enein’s strong presence in the Arab world and abroad in the Arab and international organizations, as a businessman and an Arab economic thinker.

Abul-Enein participated in international forums as a representative of his Arab nation, defending its economic interests and its position in the light of the alliances and global economic blocs, Al-Rabee added in a statement.

Al-Rabee wished success for Abul Enein in his new mission.