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Russian Orientalist Alexei Vasilyev: Gaza Developments Aimed at Egypt

Mon 20 Nov 2023 | 09:42 PM
Pasant Elzaitony

Renowned Russian orientalist, Alexei Vasilyev, has raised concerns that the ongoing developments in Gaza are ultimately aimed at targeting Egypt.

These remarks were made during a seminar organized by the Egyptian Association of Graduates from Russian and Soviet Universities during Vasilyev's brief visit to Cairo.

The discussion delved into the Arab-Israeli conflict, the mutual animosity between the parties, and recent developments in the region.

Additionally, the conversation touched upon the Russian-American conflict in Ukraine, with Vasilyev noting that the Americans would not cease their fight against Russia until the last Ukrainian soldier.

Sherif Gad, the president of the Graduates Association, extended a warm welcome to the distinguished Russian orientalist, emphasizing his significant contributions to Russian society.

Vasilyev, who served as a personal envoy to the Russian president in Africa and the Middle East for 30 years, is also a prolific author, with works such as "The History of Saudi Arabia" and "Egypt and the Egyptians" to his name.

Fathi Tughan, the Secretary-General of the Graduates Association, underscored the paramount importance of such meetings as they facilitate intellectual exchanges between the Egyptian and Russian communities.

Engaging with Vasilyev directly offers an invaluable opportunity to interact with the Russian intellectual elite.

To conclude the event, Gad, Tughan, and Samia Tawfik, a member of the Graduates Association's board, honored the esteemed Russian orientalist, presenting him with the Association's shield in recognition of his dedicated efforts in promoting cultural relations between the two countries.

Contributed by Israa Farhan