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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Russian Expert: Republicans Lost Power in U.S. Forever 

Thu 07 Jan 2021 | 09:58 PM
Ahmed Moamar

The Russian Expert on US affairs Alexander Nazarov asserted that the demographic changes prove the significant decrease in the proportion of whites among the population of the United States of America, will forever deprive the Republicans of the opportunity to gain power at the federal level, or at least the Republicans in their current form.

He revealed that the Democrats plan to grant US citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants, make Puerto Rico a US state, increase the number of Supreme Court judges, and appoint Democrats there.

In general, given the continuing decline in the proportion of whites, Republicans will never again be able to rise above the level of some inpidual states in any branch of power.

The January 5th elections, for two Republican senators from Georgia, deprived the Republicans control of the Senate, and their defeat is now final.

The United States of America, which Republicans knew, will become a thing of the distant past, will disappear forever after Biden takes office as the forty-sixth president of the USA.

Consequently, for Republican elites and supporters, the issue has become a life-and-death issue.

For the Democratic Party, demographic changes are, at first glance, unmistakably positive, as the proportion of national minorities is rising, and will continue to rise for decades to come.

Now those minorities are voting for the Democratic Party, which means the Democrats will rule forever.

It seems as though there is no need to fight Trump so hard, while at the same time pushing the country towards the brink of civil war.

But it is not so simple. Today's democrats are a strange bunch of ethnic minorities, white liberals, and supporters of socialism. In addition, democratic leaders are pided into two groups. On the one hand, there are those who are now in power in the Democratic Party, the representatives of the huge capital sector, and the white elderly, whose average age is much higher than the average age of the Brezhnev government before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

On the one hand, there are the young leaders who emerge from ethnic minorities, with left-wing visions that means the pision of the Democratic Party itself into two parties or into new parties is also inevitable over time and in principle.

However, if the Democrats had lost now, the Democratic Party would have split now, while the United States of America would turn into a giant Lebanon, in which none of the political forces had sufficient strength to assume power on their own, and an alliance between these political forces would be almost absolutely impossible.

The lack of convergence of political goals and agendas, which is a lack of consensus that surpasses its counterpart in Lebanon by stages. The potential chaos after this needs a detailed discussion.