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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Russian Army Kills More than 100 Mercenaries in Kharkiv

Sat 02 Apr 2022 | 08:53 PM
Mohamed Wadie

On Thursday, Russia's Defense Ministry announced killing more than 100 extremists and mercenaries in a missile strike on a military site in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine.

Igor Konashenkov, the Chief Spokesperson for the Defense Ministry said during a briefing on Saturday, that it was proven that more than 100 extremists and mercenaries from Western countries have been killed in a high-precision strike carried out Thursday, March 31, on a defense headquarters in Kharkiv by the Iskander system.

Konashenkov also stated that the Russian forces put out of service Myrhorod Air Base in northeastern Poltava and destroyed several stations inside it, in addition to fuel tanks and aircraft weapons.

The spokesperson added that the Russian forces targeted on Saturday with missiles launched from the air, in the vicinity of the Lozova and Pavlohrad railway station, armored vehicles, ammunition, and fuel tanks that were sent to reinforce the group of Ukrainian forces in Donbas.

He said that during the last day, the Russian Air Force targeted 23 Ukrainian military sites, including missile, artillery, and ammunition depots, and 23 areas of Ukrainian army combat vehicles.

Konashenkov noted that the forces of Luhansk People's Republic continue to advance on the positions of the 57th brigade of the Ukrainian army and besieges from the east and south of Borovskoye town, where up to 30 Ukrainian extremists and five armored vehicles were eliminated.

Contribued by Israa Farhan