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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Russia Test Launches Bulava Intercontinental Missile

Sun 05 Nov 2023 | 05:18 PM
Israa Farhan

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) named "Bulava" from its new nuclear submarine "Emperor Alexander III".

This test was conducted from the White Sea targeting the Kura testing range in the Kamchatka Peninsula, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

The ministry pointed out that the missile was launched underwater, reaching its designated area in the specified time.

They added that the ballistic missile test is the final stage of the trials being conducted, with subsequent decisions regarding the submarine's acceptance into the Navy to be made based on the test outcomes.

The successful test of the "Bulava" intercontinental ballistic missile showcases a significant stride in Russia's naval and missile capabilities.

It also underscores the readiness and enhanced strategic potential of the "Emperor Alexander III" submarine, further contributing to the country's defense arsenal.