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Russia Slams Israeli PM, Macron’s Remarks over Arms Supplies to Ukraine

Wed 01 Feb 2023 | 08:50 PM
Maria Zakharova
Maria Zakharova
Omnia Ahmed

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova warned Israel against supplying weapons to Ukraine after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he was considering military aid for Kyiv.

"We say that all countries that supply weapons [to Ukraine] should understand that we will consider these [weapons] to be legitimate targets for Russia's armed forces," Zakharova told reporters on Wednesday.

Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine last year, Israel maintained its neutrality amid the conflict between the two sides.

In the same vein, Zakharova criticized comments by French President Emmanuel Macron after he refused to rule out delivering fighter jets to Ukraine while warning against the risk of escalation.

"Forgive me but this is absurd," the Russian official said. "Is the president of France really certain that if arms, heavy weapons, and aircraft are supplied to the Kyiv regime to conduct combat operations, this will not lead to an escalation of the situation?"

She highlighted that Macron is not “guided by this kind of logic," adding that such remarks only increase the irrepressible appetite of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s regime.

Macron recently told Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte that, "Nothing is excluded in principle,” noting that any arms would "not be escalatory" and should only be "to aid the resistance effort" rather than targeting Russia itself.