Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Russia Faces Washington .. in The American Way!, Op-ed

Sun 31 May 2020 | 12:02 PM
Elham Abuelfateh

One of the simplest human rights is that the country where the citizen lives should be safe  while its government should be stable and is not subjected to the mercy of settling international scores or achieving external ambitions!

Over decades and since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union following the Cold War, US, as the sole superpower, played the role of the faithful guardian of human rights and democracy, it interfered to overthrew the regimes in Panama in 1989, in Somalia in 1992, in Bosnia in 1995, in Haiti 1994, in Kosovo 1999, it besieged Iraq, and then toppled the state and the regime on charges of possession of weapons of mass destruction and occupied it in 2003, it also backed the chaos that accompanied what it has called the Arab Spring in 2011 under the slogan of protecting human rights and freedoms!

I watched, on air, the American police while surrounding CNN reporters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when they were covering protests over racist practices, then the police arrested them. Few minutes later, I read the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry saying:” “We call upon the US authorities to take serious measures to rectify the situation and to return to fulfillment of international obligations, to bring its national legislation into accordance with basic UN principles on the use of force and firearms by law enforcement officers, and, of course, to thoroughly investigate the murder of George Floyd,”

The statements issued by Moscow continue to demand Washington to respect the same principles it has advocated for, in defense of the right to demonstrate and the freedom of the press.

The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that this incident is not the first in a series of abuses and unjustified violence committed by the security services in the United States. ” It went on to state that “systemic problems in the human rights sphere have clearly accumulated. Among them: discrimination on racial, ethnic, and religious grounds; police arbitrariness; bias of justice; overcrowding in prisons; uncontrolled use of firearms.”

We are now seeing Russia interfering in the US affairs, to discover that the democratization and human rights are just a cover and a lie that states exploit to interfere in the affairs of other countries, even if these interventions do not agree with the provisions of international legitimacy, and do not achieve their goals.

Now .. I do not care about American practices and Russian objections to them or Russian practices and American objections to them in the past, but what concerns me is how long will we continue in this international farce that covers the direct interference in the states’ affairs and their sovereignty under the name of defending human rights and democracy, which gives justification for external intervention by some terrorist organizations and groups, such as what has happened in Syria, in addition to Turkey’s practices in Libya to prevent reaching a political solution that ensures the unity of the Libyan homeland!

The question now is: Where is the United Nations and where is the international legitimacy protecting the sovereignties of member states, and why there is no protocol, charter or treaty established by the international organization to prevent states from interfering in the affairs of other countries?

I hope that the international organization seeks to establish a law that governs the world while the member states should be committed to it to protect states from foreign interference, as the security and stability are one of the simplest human rights !