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Robert Solé: Egypt My Main Source of Inspiration

Mon 05 Jul 2021 | 01:45 AM
Rana Atef

Egyptian-French journalist and author Robert Solé said in his short participation at the 52nd Cairo International Book Fair (CIBF), on Sunday, that Egypt is his main source of inspiration and passion. His 17-year-stay in Egypt drove him to make it the center of his writings.

He narrated that several people live among words, in the heart of the words, therefore, his main ideology while writing is selecting the right words in terms of meaning and contexts.

The renowned author overviewed his 40+ career in writing books, and articles, and how he represented his love towards Egypt by making it the main circle of his words.

He also pointed out that he composed a dictionary for the most 120 words that portray Egypt for him such as King Ramesses II, football, "Foul Midames" (Overcooked Beans), and other words.

However, Solé asserted that as he evaluated the beauty of Egypt, he also reviewed its negative sides despite his great passion.

Another issue the French author depicted is the technique of storytelling and its ability to deliver facts and information, so he decided to gather between very accurate and detailed real stories and mythical tales.

Finally, he concluded by wishing all readers a great reading time and wishing them to face very challenging and confusing ideas, commenting that this confusion is part of reading.