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Tips for Resolving Conflict in Marriage

Sun 10 Sep 2023 | 03:50 PM
Pasant Elzaitony

Marital life begins in a very romantic way, escorted by the imagination that the relationship continues in perfect harmony without any disagreements or conflicts, which is almost impossible.

However, many studies surprisedly highlighted the importance of marital problems for a stable life, even the extent of their importance to the longevity of the marriage.

A US study discovered that the average age of couples who fight is bigger than those who don't.

The study results show the reason marital disputes help to release anger, unlike spouses who conceal their anger to avoid conflict.

However, the altercations must not involve offense, insult, or physical violence.

The power of sweet words is not to be reckoned with in resolving any dispute, especially family disputes, and being smart in using positive words that call for reconciliation and understanding.

A German study revealed that among the positive aspects of marital disputes is that it makes each person think about his views on life and makes him more open to other's opinions.

Still, disagreements should not be frequent, and here a measure of wisdom can help in ending frequent fighting for the most trivial reasons.

They can try to control their tempers so that the issue doesn't become a frequent daily dispute.

Wisdom and dealing with high morals are the best companions for managing marital disputes, no matter how intense they are.

Contributed by: Yara Sameh