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Reasons for Appreciating "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" Podcast's EP1

Sat 08 Jan 2022 | 01:07 AM
Rana Atef

There is no doubt that Matt Hardy is one of the influential names in the industry of Pro Wrestling. His marks are obvious in several significant segments, in addition, he supported and helped several shining names in today's Wrestling scene. So, his statements and words about the industry are well appreciated among wrestling fans, and current wrestling superstars.

Both Matt, and Jeff Hardy alongside Edge and Christian succeeded in changing the landscape of the tag team pision around the world by their extreme matches, ladders segments that paved the way to the set up of the universe of TLC movement.

In addition, the generation of the Hardyz and Edge and Christian fell between the generation of the greatest wrestling names in 1980s, and 1990s, and the current great trending names in the industry that shine in the last decade. So, they are bridging the gap between both generations and their iconic work.

During the first episode, streamed on Friday, Hardy came to the table of the discussion the legendary Ladders match in No Mercy in 1999. The match that was the cornerstone of the TLC.

The icon expressed freely the technicalities behind the match, and the process of setting up the whole contest In addition, Hardy revealed several interesting facts about dealing with ladders, about executing extreme movements, how they fall, and how they stand.

It is like revealing a whole unseen world of details and secrets that not every one in the fans can see or recognize.

Moreover, Hardy's mentality and passion were really mirrored in his words while talking about the match which Matt described: "The match the made the Hardy Boyz."

During the episode, Hardy's partner and brother, Jeff, made a stunning appearance as he reviewed his perspective around the match, and working with the other three partners.

Furthermore, Jeff commented on the response they received, coming on the top Dave Meltzer opinion, and the feedback of the fans.

It was beautifully amazing to see the Hardy Brothers on the screen together again after almost two years which renewed the hopes of seeing the legendary tag team in the ring once again for a final, highly-anticipated run.

In addition, the episode was mentioned by several Pro Wrestling superstars who expressed their influence of such match such as Sammy Guevara, the Private Party and Top Flight.

Watching the talk of Matt Hardy is deeply motivating and educating, his words and advice would always make difference in digging deep in such an industry, and in the universe of the professional career.

Finally, Jon Alba did amazing work in administrating the conversation, and how he expressed the voice of the fans during the conversation. His questions were really in depth, and scripted beautifully.