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Rashwan: National Dialogue Has No Red Lines Other Than Constitution, Law

Wed 03 May 2023 | 05:16 PM
Diaa Rashwan
Diaa Rashwan
Nada Mustafa

Diaa Rashwan, General Coordinator of the National Dialogue, said on Wednesday that It is the first time for Egypt to witness a national dialogue without prior goals other than agreeing on the priorities of national action, as the president does not belong to a specific party or a socialist union.

“There is not a single political force, nor a  professional or labor union, civil society, youth movement, or party that did not partake in the national dialogue inside Egypt," Rashwan added in his word during the inaugural session of National Dialogue.

"We have a large percentage of those who object to policies taking place in Egypt, and this is their right. What is happening is formulating alternatives, either in the form of legislative proposals or executive decisions," he continued, stressing that National dialogue has no red lines other than the constitution and the law.

Moreover, the General Coordinator of the National Dialogue stressed that the national dialogue is not an alternative institution to the constitutional state ones.

It is worth mentioning that, the activities of the inaugural session of the National Dialogue kicked off, with broad and effective participation by representatives of all syndicates, political forces and NGOs.