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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Ramez Galal Receives Early Warning Before New Ramadan Prank Show

Mon 28 Dec 2020 | 11:37 AM
Yara Sameh

Tarek Saada, Chairperson of the Egyptian Media Syndicate, warned Sunday Egyptian actor and prankster Ramez Galal, that legal action will be taken against him if he presents his prank show next Ramadan without obtaining a permit to practice the profession.

In a press statement, Saada confirmed that Galal didn't apply for a permit to practice the profession from the Media Syndicate, to present any show in Ramadan.

He added: "In the law, Galal is considered a program presenter. He works without permission and violates the law,".

Galal hosted a prank show every Ramadan over the past seven years, which is popular between the youngsters, pre-teens, and half the population of the Arab world.

This year, he presented in Ramadan a new prank show entitled “Ramez Majnoun Rasmi” (Ramez is officially insane) with co-host Yemeni singer Arwa.

The shows are held under a different theme and name every year. The shows always leaving the viewers’ contemplating whether Galal has gone too far, as he adds the level a notch as if to tell his critics that he would not stop, as he cannot let his loyal viewers down.

He has a fair share of admirers posting hearts and thumbs-ups, but just as many people, officials, and public figures criticize it and find it tasteless.

This year, the prank show features the guests being strapped into a confession chair and asked a series of questions as well as subjected to humiliating situations that border on torture.