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Queen Rania's Glamorous Looks in Washington

Sat 04 Feb 2023 | 11:57 AM
Queen Rania
Queen Rania
Omnia Ahmed

Queen Rania of Jordan joined her husband, King Abdullah II, on an official visit to the US.

They were accompanied by their son, Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, who is set to marry his fiancée later this year.

The Jordanian royal family arrived in Washington D.C. following stops in Qatar and Canada.

Queen Rania appeared in elegant looks during her stop in America, where she met with U.S. First Lady Jill Biden.

She also delivered a speech at the 2023 National Prayer Breakfast Gathering’s International Luncheon, calling for incorporating the values and postures of prayer into “the rest of our lives and the rest of the world.”

The Queen affirmed that religion is not “a shelter for hiding,” but “a launch pad for living.”

“This moment stands in dismaying contrast with so much of what we’re seeing all around us,” she said. “In this polarized environment, people feel increasingly obliged to commit to one side: left or right, in or out, for or against, idolize or cancel. And, rather than spurring productive engagement, it’s forcing false political choices.” 

The Queen noted in her speech that “religion isn’t just about who we are, but what we do and how we do it. Religion is meant to help guide our way in the world and it’s meant to help center our lives. To rejoice in the in-between, the simply daily normalcies of everyday life, far away from the extremes.”