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Queen Rania Celebrates Husband King Abdullah II’s Birthday

Sat 30 Jan 2021 | 04:14 PM
Omnia Ahmed

On Saturday, Queen Rania celebrated birthday of her husband King of Jordan Abdullah II and son, Hashem, with sweet words on Twitter.

The Royal Family

King Abdullah II celebrates his 59th birthday, while his son Hashem celebrates his 15th, amid sincere wishes on social media.

“It seems impossible to love you two more, but every day proves me wrong... twice! Happy birthday Your Majesty and my Prince Hashem,” the Queen wrote on Twitter.


She wished her husband in another tweet with a photo of both of them together.

“I hope that each year brings you the same peace you radiate to the world,” she said. “Happy birthday, Your Majesty.”


With more than 25 years of marriage between the royal couple, it’s clear that they are a true representation of “couple goals.”

Queen Rania and King Abdullah II

They always support each other in every momentous occasion, whether it’s a foreign working trip, a national celebration, or an awards ceremony such as the one in New York where the King was honored as a Scholar-Statesman recipient.

Queen Rania and King Abdullah II

“I am always so proud and overwhelmed by people’s love and admiration of Your Majesty around the world,” Her Majesty said. “We’re so blessed and lucky to have you!”

Queen Rania and King Abdullah II

They keep an eye out for each other and be ready to step in and smooth back a strand of hair or adjust a tie, as the Queen did for the King at an official dinner in Tokyo, to help him make an impeccable impression at any moment of the day.