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Queen Rania’s Stunning Innovative, Traditional Look for Jordan’s Independence Day

Wed 26 May 2021 | 11:42 PM
Pasant Elzaitony

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah appeared during the 75th Jordan’s Independence Day, marks May 25, in a stunning and innovative style for the traditional costumes the queen used to wear.

The Queen always appears in the Jordanian or the Palestinian traditional costumes during various occasions as she was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents. She got married to King Abdullah II in 1993 before he succeeded the throne. Next, she carried the title of Queen of Jordan a few months after his crowning.

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SEE News asked Egyptian fashion designer Faten Gharib, the master of wedding dresses and traditional customs designs about the Queen’s look.

She described that the dress is simple and elegant; moreover, it carries the same style the Queen likes.

It is also decorated with modern style away from the traditional Bedouin or Saharan one. The dresses’ belt carries a different color from the one used for the sleeves’ ruffles. So, this style made the dress more attractive.

[caption id="attachment_242376" align="aligncenter" width="363"]Fashion designer Faten Gharib Fashion designer Faten Gharib[/caption]

Therefore, this dress depicts a more innovative and modern style as its stitching is done in handmade embroidery technique as the Queen prefers simplicity and elegance of Jordanian and Palestinian traditional costumes.

The handmade embroidery technique in such a dress for this event is proof that the traditional costumes are suitable for all times, and occasions.

*Distinctive Handbag

The Queen used a small real leather handbag. It is designed with a handmade lotus flower design made from false limpet and copper.

Contributed by Rana Atef

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