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Queen Elizabeth II Secretly Battles Cancer, New Book Claims

Sat 26 Nov 2022 | 09:59 AM
Queen Elizabeth II Visits Self-Named Carrier
Queen Elizabeth II Visits Self-Named Carrier
Rana Atef

Queen Elizabeth II spent her final years secretly battling cancer, and she bore a lot of pain in her bones, a new biography of the late British monarch by Gyles Brandreth claimed on Friday.

The book is entitled “Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait."

The book underlined that the Queen worked through the suffering of bone cancer with its most common symptom bone pain.

Shortly before her death, there was widespread speculation that the Queen was battling illness. However, her death certificate officially revealed that her cause of death is “old age.” The certificate also was signed and approved by Royal Princess Anne.

Brandreth Wrote: “I had heard that the Queen had a form of myeloma — bone marrow cancer — which would explain her tiredness and weight loss and those ‘mobility issues’ we were often told about during the last year or so of her life."

“The most common symptom of myeloma is bone pain, especially in the pelvis and lower back, and multiple myeloma is a disease that often affects the elderly,” he added.

He concluded: “Currently, there is no known cure, but treatment — including medicines to help regulate the immune system and drugs that help prevent the weakening of the bones — can reduce the severity of its symptoms and extend the patient’s survival by months or two to three years.” 

The book also discussed how the Queen felt after the death of her beloved husband, the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip.

She reportedly said that keeping busy with her royal duties helped her cope with the loss, refusing to give in to grief.

“My husband would certainly not have approved,” the Queen said. 

She also responded to doctors who asked her to take it easy due to her declining health, saying: "I’ve got to be sensible,” she acknowledged of her declining health."