Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Putin Accuses West of Trying to Destroy Russia

Mon 25 Apr 2022 | 07:41 PM
Mohamed Wadie

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country faces great economic challenges after it entered Ukraine.

He added that the country is subjected to huge sanctions, however; the economy is able to operate freely.

Putin said during his speech at a meeting with the Public Prosecution Office of Russia that the Russian soldiers in Ukraine are subjected to major provocations in Ukraine, adding that they prevented a murder attempt by a terrorist gang on a Russian TV journalist.

"Another task has come to the fore: to split Russian society and destroy Russia from within," Putin said. "It is not working."

The president noted that Moscow will use all its capabilities to reduce the impact of sanctions, and they will know who is behind the assassinations in Russia.

Contributed by Israa Farhan