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Princess of Wales Dedicates Royal 'Together at Christmas' to Queen Elizabeth II

Fri 23 Dec 2022 | 05:30 PM
Rana Atef

Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, said in her short introduction for her annual Royal Carols: Together at Christmas, that she dedicated the event to the late Queen Elizabeth II. The concert will be aired tomorrow on Christmas eve. 

The Princess mentioned Queen Elizabeth II's affinity with the festive and cheerful mood of Christmas "as a time which brings people together and reminds us all of the important values."

For the second year in a row, Princess Kate hosted a Christmas Carol event that was organized for the first time, last year at Westminster Abby. The event achieved huge success which motivated the Royal family to bring it back.

"Last year’s event reminded me what I love most about Christmas, seeing people coming together, celebrating and experiencing special moments, whilst also thinking about the year that’s passed," the Princess of Wales said.

She added: "This Christmas will be our first without Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Her Majesty held Christmas close to her heart, as a time that brought people together and reminded us of the importance of faith, friendship and family, and to show empathy and compassion."

This year, the Princess invited hundreds of ‘inspiring individuals’ to the service to recognize their contributions, describing them as: "Those who showcase the power of connectedness and community values, allowing us to continue Her Majesty’s tradition of recognizing and thanking those who have gone above and beyond to support others."

At the end of her speech, Kate Middleton highlighted: "Her Majesty leaves with us an incredible legacy and one that has deeply inspired many of us. This year’s carol service is dedicated to her and to all those who are sadly no longer with us."