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Will Jordan’s Princess Iman Have Wedding Dress by Arab Designer?

Sat 11 Mar 2023 | 09:14 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

The Jordanian Royal Family, especially Queen Rania, has massive popularity among all people around the world.

People showered the royal family with all love and respect when news of Princess Iman’s wedding started to circulate on social media.

Queen is famous for her elegance and diplomacy in various situations. She is also known for her support of Jordanian and Arab fashion designers as well.

Like her mother, Princess Iman loves handmade work, as she was seen on traditional occasions, especially "Independence Day". The princess rocked modern clothes decorated with a belt or traditional jewelry of Jordanian culture.

*The Queen Mother's Belt

Everyone was anticipating what the bride will wear on the henna night that was held in Al Husseiniya Palace in Jordan. She wore a dress designed by the young Jordanian designer, Dima Dahbour, whose designs are characterized by romance and imagination.

Jordan’s Princess ImanJordan’s Princess Iman

A simple yet elegant touch adorned the dress when Queen Rania gifted her daughter a belt embroidered with gold threads and pearls, which she wore at her wedding to King Abdullah II in 1993

The Jordanian Queen posted a photo on Instagram, with the caption; "Finishing touches before Iman’s Henna party tonight.”

* The Wedding Dress

Meanwhile, everyone is waiting for the wedding dress, with inquires if the royal family will have a Jordanian or Arab fashion designer as they did on the henna night.

Others are wondering if the royal family will choose a foreign fashion designer.

We present to you an album of photos that bring together the beloved Princess Iman with her family, just hours before the start of the wedding ceremony.

Jordan’s Princess ImanJordan’s Princess ImanJordan’s Princess ImanJordan’s Princess ImanJordan’s Princess Iman

Jordan’s Princess ImanJordan’s Princess ImanJordan’s Princess Iman