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Princess Iman’s Wedding Dress to Be Inspiration for 2023 Bride

Tue 14 Mar 2023 | 04:05 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

The appearance of Princess Iman Al-Abdullah II, King of Jordan, and the daughter of Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, who is considered an icon of Arab elegance, followed her appearance in any field and place.

Here are some important points that made the dress of Princess Iman look royal, elegant, and modern.

* Simplicity is the secret of elegance

This is a golden rule that every bride should realize, and this is what the bride emphasized in all the details of her look, whether the dress, veil, make-up, or hair.

* The dress

The bride chose the Dior fashion house, which is one of the finest international houses, which could have been a fancy-dress design, however, she presented a soft design that takes us back to its time.

The elegant lace was used only on the chest of the dress and the veil, and the rest of the dress was made of cohesive fabric, whether crystal or matte, but it is elegant and imminent.

It is important that the dress be exact and not tight.

Princess ImanPrincess Iman

* The veil

The drop-down veil and the simple crown that adorns the look are the most important base for an elegant bride's look.

The length of the veil varies according to many criteria, including the length of the bride.

* The makeup

The important lesson that every bride should realize and every beautician learns is that the bride appears with the same look and features and does not add layers of make-up that hide her features and show her as another person on an important day that she records and remains a memory for her children.

Princess ImanPrincess Iman

* The hair

The chinois will remain the champion of elegance and beauty in evening parties, especially for the bride.

It is a look that the bride should be keen on and avoid hairdos that have a lot of complexity.

With all this, the look of simplicity and calmness is the most beautiful address for the bride, especially when calmness and sophistication meet with her in all the details, even the music.