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Prince William, Kate Middleton Celebrate NHS's 74th Anniversary by Cake

Wed 05 Jul 2023 | 02:57 PM
Rana Atef

On Wednesday, Prince of Wales William and Princess of Wales Kate Middleton celebrated the 75th anniversary of the UK's National Health Services by baking and decorating cakes in white and blue.

In a video posted by the official page of Kensington Palace, Great British Baking Show finalist Alice Fevorina said: "The prince’s piping skills were less good than the princess’s, shall we say."

She added: "There was a real sort of sense of excitement and I think shock when the Prince and Princess walked into the marquee."

"I was walking in behind them and ended up standing next to this lady and she almost grabbed me and just looked at me, went, 'oh my gosh!' because she was so shocked."