Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

President Sisi Launches First Harvest Season at Egypt's Future Sustainable Development Project

Mon 13 May 2024 | 12:42 PM

On Monday, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi officially inaugurated the first harvest season at the Egypt Future Project for Sustainable Development, marking a significant milestone in one of the world’s most extensive initiatives dedicated to agricultural and ecological economic activities. This event underscores Egypt’s commitment to leveraging its agricultural potential for broader economic growth and sustainability.

The project, celebrated for its strategic location, offers substantial advantages including a robust labor force and optimal access to essential agricultural inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, and modern farming equipment. Furthermore, the proximity to major markets and logistical ease for both domestic distribution and exports through nearby land and air ports enhances its operational efficacy.

In alignment with Egypt’s strategy to expand its economic base, the project has initiated the construction of two industrial zones, with the first spanning an impressive 100 acres. These zones are designed to integrate agricultural production with industrial processing, aiming to create a seamless supply chain that enhances the efficiency and output of agricultural goods.

The Egypt Future Project serves as a cornerstone of Egypt’s approach to sustainable development, focusing on integrating agricultural advancements with ecological and economic sustainability.

This project not only aims to transform Egypt into a key player in the global agricultural market but also supports the country’s socio-economic objectives by providing job opportunities and fostering regional development. This initiative is a clear reflection of Egypt’s strategic direction towards achieving long-term economic resilience and sustainability.