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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

President Sisi, Biden Discuss Regional Developments, Gaza War

Fri 26 Jan 2024 | 10:22 PM
Rana Atef

On Friday, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi received a call from US President Joe Biden, Presidency Spokesperson Ahmed Fahmy said.

Fahmy stated that both presidents discussed strengthening the bilateral ties between Egypt and the US, and asserting the strategic partnership between both countries.

Moreover, they discussed the regional developments in the Middle East, including the War in Gaza, as both examined the progressive efforts to obtain a permanent truce in Gaza to protect civilians, exchange hostages and prisoned, and deliver humanitarian aid which would help in de-escalating the tensions in the region. 

President El Sisi was keen to review the Egyptian initiatives and efforts for reaching an agreement between the concerned parties with reaching a ceasefire in Gaza, referring to Egypt's efforts to deliver the humanitarian aid to Gaza, and the hinders that face the process.

President El Sisi also underscored that Egypt will continue to assist the support people of Gaza, asserting the importance of the International community to carry out its role.

On his side, President Biden praised the Egyptian efforts, and its vital role at all levels related to the ongoing crisis, asserting US appreciation for the Egyptian situations that support the stability of the region. He also underscored the US support for Egypt's extensive efforts to support Gaza with humanitarian aid.

Fahmy concluded that both presidents renewed the firm situation of Egypt and the US against any attempt of displacing the Palestinians outside their lands, in addition, they also agreed upon the two-state solution as it is the cornerstone for security and stability in the Middle East.