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Minister: Prayer in Mosques May Be Cancelled

Tue 10 Mar 2020 | 08:18 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Dr. Mokhtar Gamma, minister of Awqaf ( Endowment)  reviewed the preventive measurements taken by his ministry to keep mosques away from the Coronavirus and protect the worshipers during prayers, especially on Friday.

The minister appeared on Tuesday in front of the Religious Affairs and Awqaf Committee at the House of Representatives ( HoR).

He stressed that he informed the directorates of Awqaf in all governments to shorten the sermon of Friday to less than fifteen minutes.

He added that he also directed them to take intensified measurements to clean and sterilize the mosques before and after the five daily prayers.

Imams were told to reduce the period between the call to prayer ( azan) and the five daily prayers.

A parliamentarian asked the minister whether it is permissible to cancel or suspend the noon prayer on Fridays if there is real danger threatens the worshipers?

The minister said that all whatever attains the interests of Muslims comes within the general targets of Shari'a (Islamic law) which concentrates mainly on keeping the soul and body of Muslims away from any direct or indirect threats.

He affirmed that the prayer of Friday could be canceled if the  Ulama (the specialized people ) warn of real threats that endanger the lives of people.

In that case, the prayer in mosques must be abolished to avoid the source of danger.

He pointed out that the noon prayer is an allowed alternative of Friday one.

He also revealed that Ummrah (a visit to the Grand Mosque of Mecca ) is an alternative rite and could be postponed to another time after clearing the threats in the Holy Land in Saudi Arabia Kingdom (SAK).

The minister stated the above remarks to a member of the parliamentarian committee of the Cabinet led by Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouli that works as a team.

Ministers of Health, Justice coordinate efforts to combat the virus.

The Cabinet also communicates with the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Dr. Abdel Hady Al-Qassaby, Sheikh of the Sufi Orders, Mufti to make decisions related to religious affairs.