Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Pray for Mira.. Thanks Mr. President, Op,ed

Mon 14 Dec 2020 | 10:59 AM
Basant ahmed

Pray with me for the eight-month-old baby “Mira” who was born with troubles that adults cannot bear, her small heart suffers from a hole that causes pains to her and her family as well. She needs urgent surgery that her family cannot pay for, so the father’s appeal touched the heart of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who responded to the appeal immediately, and ordered her treatment at the expense of the state. Immediately, Mira was transferred from her birthplace in Gharbia to the Nasser Institute by an equipped ambulance and a team of senior paramedics. She was received by an integrated medical team specializing in pediatric and neonatal heart surgery, while all the necessary medical examinations were conducted to perform the required surgery at the expense State, upon the president order.

Mira’s father thanked president Sisi saying:” Thank you, Mr. President, you have put an end to the pain of my simple family over the past months since the birth of my child, I went to many doctors, but in vain, this pushed me to seek help from President El-Sisi, who responded to my complaint, while Minister Dr. Hala Zayed herself is closely following up the developments of Mira’s health condition and the medical services provided to her.”

The father was saying these words amid his tears and surprise, as he did not imagine that his young daughter would receive all this attention from the head of the state and its medical apparatus. Well, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi believes that the human right is not only to housing and a decent human life, but to health care for critical cases based on the principle that Egyptian kids are his children and grandchildren.

Before seeking to restore the normal pulse to Mira's heart, the president's caring hand extended not only to order the treatment of the 13-year-old child Saeed Abdul-Tawab, but he followed up his health condition and providing all means of care for him, to reduce the burden on him and his father, who was carrying his son on his shoulder from Al-Ayyat to the National Research Center, to receive physiotherapy sessions. The Presidency of the Republic also contacted the railway authority in which the child's father works, to allow the father to work in the workshops of Bulaq Abu Al-Ela.

I do not forget the smile of Mrs. Sherine Moheb Hakim, as the President ordered to treat her daughter Jano Osama Saeid, and to undergo urgent surgery abroad by foreign experts. The president also embraced young boy Zain, who personally presented his case to the World Youth Forum held in Sharm El-Sheikh, telling his story with cancer, until he recovered from it. in a humanitarian gesture from President Al-Sisi, he asked Zain to shake hands with him.

The humanitarian attitudes of the president extended to include disabled people on a wider and comprehensive scale, when he ordered the issuance of their law, which was recently approved by Parliament, after it was suspended for years due to a crisis in issuing its regulations until the president intervened.

The story of Mira confirms that human rights in the concept of President El-Sisi are not only the right to a safe state and housing, but also include the citizen’s right to health care. It is our duty as citizens to extend a hand of support and assistance to free medical institutions such as the Nasser Institute, Abu Al-Rish Hospital, the National Heart Institute and the Magdi Yaqoub Foundation, to create a smile in a child's heart and restore hope to thousands of families every day!

Pray with me for Mira.