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Poland Reveals Presence of Western Troops in Ukraine

Thu 21 Mar 2024 | 09:36 AM
Israa Farhan

Poland's Foreign Minister, Radosław Sikorski, acknowledged the presence of Western forces in Ukraine, describing their presence there as an "open secret."

During an interview with the German news agency, Sikorski said, "As announced by the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, military forces from major countries are already present in Ukraine."

The minister further explained that in Polish terminology, there is a term called an "open secret," which describes something that everyone knows about.

Sikorski reiterated that Poland has no intention of sending ground troops to Ukraine, adding that "Ukraine and Poland have been one country for 400 years, and this would be excellent propaganda material for the Russians. So we should be the last ones to do it."

Earlier today, the Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin, stated that the Russian side has information indicating that France is preparing a military unit to send to Ukraine, with an initial number of around two thousand personnel.

Naryshkin said, "The current leadership of the country (France) does not care about the deaths of ordinary French people and the concerns of generals.

According to data received by Russian foreign intelligence, a unit is already being prepared to be sent to Ukraine. In the initial stage, there will be about two thousand personnel."

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the possibility of sending ground forces from Western countries to the special military operation area in Ukraine following the results of a conference on Ukraine held in Paris.

Macron also stated that Western countries "intend to do whatever is necessary to prevent Russia from winning in the conflict."