Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Palestinian Authority Seeks International Intervention to Stop Violence in Rafah

Mon 06 May 2024 | 05:13 PM

The Palestinian Authority is actively engaging with regional and international entities, notably the United States, to halt the violence in Rafah, as reported by the Cairo News Channel. This diplomatic effort aims to prevent further civilian casualties during the Israeli military's ongoing operations in the southern Gaza Strip.

The situation escalated on Monday when the Israeli military ordered residents of eastern Rafah to evacuate immediately. This evacuation notice coincides with threats of a potential ground assault on the densely populated city, intensifying fears of major civilian impacts.

The Israeli army specifically directed residents and displaced individuals from the neighborhoods of Al-Shouka, Al-Salam, Al-Janeena, Tabat Zara, and Al-Bayuk in Rafah to relocate to an "expanded humanitarian zone" in Mawasi. According to reports from an Israeli radio station earlier today, the evacuation of civilians from these areas has already commenced.

The actions of the Israeli military have drawn international scrutiny and condemnation, particularly concerning the humanitarian implications of their operations in densely populated civilian areas.

The ongoing diplomatic efforts by the Palestinian Presidency are a critical attempt to bring international pressure to bear on Israel, aiming to safeguard civilians and prevent further escalation of conflict in Rafah. This situation underscores the urgent need for effective international mediation to address the escalating violence and its severe humanitarian consequences.