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Pakistani Parliament Votes Tomorrow to no-confidence in PM  

Sat 02 Apr 2022 | 10:16 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has blamed external forces for standing behind the current political crisis in his country, amid expectations that Parliament will vote to withdraw confidence from him on Sunday.

Khan, according to Pakistan's Geo News channel, called on the youth of his country to demonstrate today and tomorrow "for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan", stressing that there was evidence of a "shameless plot" against his government.

This comes at a time when Khan's government lost the majority in the "National Assembly" (Parliament), as a result of the defection of a number of parties from the ruling coalition, the latest of which was the "United National Movement", which announced last Wednesday that seven representatives of it would join the opposition in the expected vote.

Khan warned that "there is no future" for Pakistan if the situation continues to develop in this direction, noting that peaceful demonstration is a legitimate right of the citizens.

He claimed that outside powers were providing support to the opposition.