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Pakistan Pledges not to Allow US Forces to Carry out Missions in Afghanistan

Sat 19 Jun 2021 | 11:40 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Imran Khan, Pakistan's Prime Minister, said that his country pledges not to allow US forces to carry out missions inside Afghanistan under pretext of fighting terrorism there.

Khan sat with anchors of Axios HBO program as he affirmed that Pakistan will not permit the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to exploit bases in Pakistan to launch operations to fight terrorism across the border with the neighboring Afghanistan after withdrawal of the US from that country.

Axios, a US news website, indicated that readiness and quality of training of forces of fighting terrorism and intelligence elements in Afghanistan is a thorny file for the Joe Biden as the US forces are nearing to complete the withdrawal from the Afghani territories by September 11.

The US administrations mull over other options in Central Asia to keep networks of local informants on the terrorists based in the region, especially in Afghanistan.

But these options face many complications as the countries of the region are satellites to Russia which is expected to reject any stations of the CIA or Western intelligence there.

According to Axios, the US forces carried out hundreds of airstrikes across the border with Afghanistan by drones along with anti-terrorism operations.

Observers said that Imran Khan can't adopt the presence of the CIA or the US Special Forces on the Pakistani territories as such a step considered a political suicide.

However, Axios hinted that the US political and military officials hope that they could reach arrangements with their counterpart in Pakistan.

It is worth mention that William Burns did not meet Imran Khan when he secretly visited Islam Abad.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said earlier this month the USA conducted constructive talks with Pakistan over guarantees of preventing Afghanistan from being a base for the extremist groups again.

Burns declined to reveal more details.