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OpenAI to Launch Search Engine

Wed 08 May 2024 | 03:27 PM
Israa Farhan

OpenAI is developing a feature for its ChatGPT application that can search the web and cite sources in its results, according to an informed source, potentially making it a competitor to Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, as well as the emerging artificial intelligence-based search company Perplexity.

This feature will allow users to ask questions to ChatGPT and receive answers that utilize details from the web, with citations from sources such as Wikipedia entries and blog posts, according to the individual who requested anonymity while discussing private information.

One version of the product also uses images alongside written responses to questions when relevant. 

For example, if a ChatGPT user asks about how to change a door handle, the results might include a diagram to illustrate the task.

New York Times Sues Microsoft and OpenAI for Rights Violation

Information about the development of a search product surfaced in February, revealed by The Information newspaper.

Details about how the product works were not previously disclosed, and OpenAI declined to comment.