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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

NYT: Trump Faces Congress This Week over Income Sources, Events of January 6

Mon 19 Dec 2022 | 08:25 PM
Ahmed Moamar

The New York Times (NYT), a US daily newspaper, said that former US President Donald Trump is facing a week of trouble because of the upcoming report from the Commission of Inquiry into the Storming of Congress and the House Committee's handling of his tax returns for six years, after his failed attempts to withhold them.

The newspaper reported that after more than five years of dramatic headlines about the scandals, controversy and crimes surrounding Trump, this week will have major repercussions.

The House of Representatives Select Committee to investigate the events of storming Congress today, Monday, will hold its last announced session before it is dissolved when the Republicans take control of the House in the New Year.

Committee members are expected to discuss criminal referrals to the Justice Department in connection with the riots and Trump's efforts to cling to power that resulted in the storming of Congress. The most important topic will be whether the panel recommends that Trump face criminal charges.