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NY Times: Ceasefire in Gaza Deal Could Be Reached Soon

Sun 28 Jan 2024 | 02:31 PM
Destruction in Gaza
Destruction in Gaza
Rana Atef

A new deal for a ceasefire in Gaza is about the be reached between Palestine, and Israel with the presence of Egypt. The deal may include an agreement on the hostages, the New York Times reported hours ago.

To last for two months, the media outlet said that the Egyptian, US, and Qatari negotiators prepared a draft for a deal that combined the recommendations of Israel and Hamas in the last ten days.

This proposal could be the cornerstone of the forthcoming round of talks in Paris, on Sunday.

It added that there are some disputes between both sides that the negotiators are working on solving them, but there is an optimistic mood for reaching an agreement.

According to the newspaper, the truce will be for two months and could be reached in two weeks.