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Norway: 23 Dead after Receiving Pfizer, BioNTech Vaccine

Thu 14 Jan 2021 | 11:01 PM
Ahmed Moamar

The Norwegian Medicines Agency announced today, Thursday,  that 23 people died after receiving the "Pfizer" and "BioNTech" vaccine against "COVID-19", while the country's health authorities changed recommendations for vaccinating the elderly with this vaccine.

The agency noted that "all deaths were recorded among elderly people over the age of 80 years and those with weak immunity."

"These cases are not alarming. It is clear that this vaccine has a very small risk factor, with few exceptions when it comes to elderly patients who suffer from poor health," the Norwegian channel "RK" quoted the agency's spokesman Steinar Madsen as saying.

"The usual side effects could contribute to a more serious course of disease in the elderly," he added.

However, The National Institute of Health added a change in its recommendations to vaccinate critically ill elderly patients.

The vaccination against the Coronavirus  (COVID-19) began in Norway with the "Pfizer" vaccine on December 27, and residents of nursing homes in Oslo received the first vaccinations.

It has been announced that 25,000 people have been vaccinated with the aforementioned vaccine in Norway so far.

The agency sources stated that two people who were living in a nursing home, died after being vaccinated with a vaccine against Coronavirus infection and that it had opened an investigation into the incident, explaining that it was conducting reviews and examinations after the death of the two people.

According to Russia, Today website, the agency and the Norwegian National Institute of Health received a message, last  Tuesday, stating that two residents of the nursing home died a few days after they were vaccinated with a vaccine against the Coronavirus and that their experts are looking into whether the death is related to vaccination.

Agency spokesman Steinar Madsen said: "It is necessary to know whether there is a link between these deaths and vaccination, or whether the death was due to chance."