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Nicaragua Backs South Africa ICJ Lawsuit Against Israel

Fri 26 Jan 2024 | 01:28 PM
Israa Farhan

Nicaragua has announced that it has submitted a request to the International Court of Justice to participate in the genocide case filed by South Africa against Israel before the court.

In a government statement, Nicaragua stated that it has "filed a request with the International Court of Justice to be included in the genocide case brought by South Africa against Israel, based on the violation of the United Nations Genocide Convention in the Gaza Strip."

Nicaragua expressed its desire to be a party to all possible legal consequences arising from the court case, demonstrating its commitment to preventing genocide and contributing to the punishment of those who have committed genocide.

The statement also conveyed that Nicaragua has informed the International Court of Justice of its intent to intervene in the entire case as a state if its request is accepted.

It emphasized that "Nicaragua, as recognized by the international community, believes that Israel's actions clearly violate the provisions of the Genocide Convention."

The statement further added, "The intent of genocide, as well as the inhumane statements made by Israeli authorities against the Palestinian people, are also indicators of this," calling for an "immediate halt to Israeli military attacks against the Palestinian people."

On January 11th of this year, hearings began at the International Court of Justice in the case brought by South Africa against Israel, alleging Israel's involvement in "genocide" in the Gaza Strip.

In a 84-page memorandum, lawyers urged the judges to issue an order for Israel to "immediately cease its military operations" in Gaza, stating that Israel "has engaged, is engaging, and faces an even greater risk of engaging in genocidal acts."