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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

New Zealand Plans to Make Google, Facebook Pay For News

Mon 05 Dec 2022 | 08:19 PM
Omnia Ahmed

The New Zealand government decided to introduce a new law that would require Facebook and Google, as well as other similar platforms to pay media houses if they want local news content to show on their feeds.

"New Zealand news media, particularly small regional and community newspapers, are struggling to remain financially viable as more advertising moves online," New Zealand’s Minister of Broadcasting, Willie Jackson, said.

Following Australia and Canada’s lead, Jackson indicated that a similar model would be implemented in the country, adding that such a move would help digital platforms negotiate with local media outlets and reach agreements without the government taking any actions.

The minister revealed: "It is critical that those benefiting from their news content actually pay for it."

He further noted that if there is no agreement and the companies do not reach one, then the law would mandate a negotiating process.

When Australia proposed to introduce these laws, Facebook threatened to block their news from its platforms. No such steps have been taken in Canada yet as it has also announced similar law.