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Nelly Karim Teases Upcoming Project with Peter Mimi

Thu 15 Jul 2021 | 01:01 PM
Yara Sameh

On Wednesday, Egyptian actress, Nelly Karim teased her fans on Instagram with a new mysterious project with talented director Peter Mimi.

She shared photos on Instagram stories of herself with Mourad and captioned: “coming soon”.

Karim has recently joined the cast of Ahmed Ezz and Maged El Kedwany’s new film “Saqr W Kanaria”.

The film is a comedy-action genre written by Ayman Wattar and directed by Ahmed Alaa El Deeb.

The actress is also set to appear in the star-studded film “EGP 200”.

It also features Asser Yassin, Hany Ramzy, Khaled El Sawy, Esaad Younis, Amr Abd El Geleel, Ahmed Rizk, and Mohamed Farrag.

The film is a social genre and chronicles the lives of people of different social classes who are tied together with EGP 200 paper currency.

Moreover, Karim is set to star in actor Amir Karara’s highly-anticipated sequel to the 2019 film “Casablanca”.

The actress made a cameo in the first film and is set to play the female lead role opposite Karara in the second.

Screenwriter Hisham Hilal and director by Mimi are returning for the sequel, which sees the cast traveling from Morocco to Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, where the events of the second part begin.

The first part of “Casablanca” was written by Hilal, directed by Mimi, and produced by Synergy Films and Walid Mansour.

The plot revolved around three Alexandrian men who work as pirates. They get involved in a dangerous mission against mafia men, after robbing a large diamond shipment, but things get a turn for the worse as one of them decides to go rogue and flee to Morocco.

“Casablanca” was shot in Marrakech, Casablanca, Safaga, and Alexandria.